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It is unfortunate that an unforceen event occured. Here you will find useful information on how to submit your claim.

Auto Accident:
If you are in an accident, contact the POLICE and wait until they arrive.
Both Vehicles should provide and exchange Insurance Information
Contact your Insurance AGENT! If it is after hours, you can reach the company claims department directlly. Otherwise call your agent first thing the next business day.


Homeowner Claim:
Contact your Insurance Agent as soon as possible.
Do not remove the damaged property on your own as it is often necessary for inspection.
Of course if there is a hazard such as broken glass, please remove for your safety.


Business Related Claims:
Contact your Insurance Agent Directly. A claims specialist will walk you throught the necessary information needed to begin your claims process. Our mission is to make the claims process as pleasant as possible, if at any time you are not completely satisfied with our claims department, feel free to contact management and we will personally handle your matter.
Please email to


Additionally, we welcome positive feedback regarding your claims experience!
Most of our companies have a direct claims reporting available. Should you require immediate attention, contact the phone number on your policy to be directed to a company representative. This is most helpful after hours and on weekends.  


  In the event of a flood causing damage in your home, please contact your agent. Additional information regarding 
  flood coverage can be found on the FEMA website listed below.


  For more information, please visit


** Many of the phone numbers are 24/7 services if you need immediate assistance. Please contact the office as soon as possible thereafter. Be Safe!


Insurance Company's phone number & website!

Ace Click Here 1-800-433-0385
CNA Click Here 1-877-CNA-ASAP
Cumberland Click Here 1-800-232-6992
FMI Click Here 1-800-842-0551
LIG Click Here 1-201-720-7582
Mercury Click Here 1-800-503-3724
Peerless Click Here 1-800-522-7152
Philadelphia Click Here 1-800-765-9749
Philadelphia Contributionship Click Here 1-800-269-1409
Plymouth Rock Click Here 1-800-437-3535
Preferred Mutual Click Here 1-800-333-7642
Progressive Click Here 1-800-PROGRESSIVE
Safeco Click Here 1-800-332-3226
Selective Click Here 1-866-455-9969
Selective Flood Click Here 1-877-348-0552
The Hartford Click Here 1-800-243-5860
Tower Click Here 1-888-856-5522
Travelers Click Here 1-800-252-4633


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